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Is the Idol Industry Evil? (by linzerdinzertv)


Stuff is  starting to get way out of hand with how some fangirls are perceiving their idols and reality checks are in order.

You may hate me for what I’ve said and it was hard for me too. I love the boys, but when I buy their albums I know a big part of that money goes to a label who don’t deserve it. They were lucky those boys are woking for them and not for other label

But you didn’t say anything wrong? Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, broseph. I pride myself on not being a rapid, quick to be offended fangirl.

And I love having intellectual conversations on idol groups. 

There’s always that thought in the back of my head, but a thought that always comes up in my mind when I hit the ‘pay’ button to buy an album, is that I’m buying this album to keep their album sales up, to help them win the important awards, and to keep them around one more year.

Because we all can see how SM is beginning to put little to no effort into SJ’s combacks, almost like they’re slowly winding them down to fail so they can pull them out of the ring.

I refuse to let that happen if I’ve got any say in the matter.

I really wish somtimes that circumstances were different. That all of the members applied for YG or CUBE instead, that SM wasn’t even apart of the picture, because they just make everything so much harder.

But then I know that if that was different, the entire band would be different, the history would be different.

I may hate the situation we’re in now, but I don’t think I would actually change anything. Because it was a One in a Million coincidence.

I say that, because innitially there wasn’t even supposed to be a Super Junior.

They were all just bunched together as an experiment group, because they were the left overs. And then Kyuhyun came along, and it just works.

Through all the trials and tribulations, the car accidents, the law suit, the controversies, the military enlisments-

They’ve always come out on top. And that’s what makes them so amazing. Because it shouldn’t work, but it does.

You know, everyone talks about the relationship that Hangeng and Heechul shared and what not all the time, and how badly the law suit effected Heechul (which it did, of course.)

But no one talks about how badly it must’ve effected Siwon.

Of course this effected all the members in varying ways, but I’ve never seen someone talk specificly about Siwon’s case.

Guys, seriously think about it. Look at every single interview those two have had together. There’s no way he wasn’t just as crushed (maybe a little bit less) as Heechul was.

It must’ve killed him on the inside, and I’ve never seen anyone bring that to proper light.

Super Junior 101 Guide for dannyhorserules

You’re getting more than you asked for. You’re welcome.


Park Jungsu

  • Stage name- Leeteuk
  • Leader, vocal, occastional rapper
  • Age- 30 in Korea, 29 in U.S.A
  • Will be leaving for military service shortly

Kim Heechul

  • No stage name
  • Vocal, occastional rapper
  • Age- 30 in Korea, 29 in U.S.A
  • Currently doing his military service


  • No stage name
  • Vocal, dancer
  • From China
  • Age- 29 in Korea, 28 in U.S.A
  • Terminated his contract, and no longer techniqually a member

Kim Jongwoon

  • Stage name- Yesung
  • Lead Vocal
  • Age- 29 in Korea, 28 in U.S.A

Kim Youngwoon

  • Stage name- Kangin
  • Vocal
  • Age- 28 in Korea, 27 in U.S.A
  • Recently came back from military service

Shin Donghee

  • Stage name- Shindong
  • Rapper, dancer
  • Age- 28 in Korea, 27 in U.S.A
  • My bias

Lee Sungmin

  • No stage name
  • Vocal
  • Age- 27 in Korea, 26 in U.S.A

Lee Hyukjae

  • Stage name- Eunhyuk
  • Lead rapper, Lead dancer
  • Age- 27 in Korea, 26 in U.S.A

Lee Donghae

  • No stage name
  • Vocal, dancer
  • Age- 27 in Korea, 26 in U.S.A
  • His father passed away near their debut back in ‘05

Choi Siwon

  • No stage name
  • Vocal, visual
  • Age- undocumented, could either be older than Hyukjae, or younger than Donghae
  • Is very religion oriented

Kim Ryeowook

  • No stage name
  • Main vocal
  • Age- 26 in Korea, 25 in U.S.A

Kim Kibum

  • No stage name
  • Visual, rapper
  • Age- 26 in Korea, 25 in U.S.A
  • Offical disbandment never announced, hasn’t been active in an album since ‘08, has been pursuing acting and modeling

Cho Kyuhyun

  • No stage name
  • Main vocal
  • Age- 25 in Korea, 24 in U.S.A

Sub-Unit Members:

Zhou Mi

  • No stage name
  • Vocal
  • From China
  • Age- 27 in Korea, 26 in U.S.A
  • In sub-group Super Junior M (Mandarin)

Henry Lau

  • No stage name
  • Vocal, rapper, dancer
  • From Canada
  • Age- 24 in Korea, 23 in U.S.A

Super Junior’s wiki for full background info. I read over it to make sure of its accuracy.

Things To Watch for Inside Jokes:

  • Super Junior’s Exploration of the Human Body
  • Super Junior Adonis Camp
  • Super Junior’s Full House

Reccommended Songs/Albums:

  • It’s You by Super Junior
  • Marr U by Super Junior
  • Sexy, Free, and Single Album
  • Bonamana Album
  • Rokkugo by Super Junior T (Trot)
  • Pajama Party by Super Junior H (Happy)
  • Blue Tomorrow by Super Junior M (Mandarin)

Do you guys ever think about what you would ACTUALLY say to your idols, if you ever got to meet them?

For instsnce, mine are Super Junior.

And like- I really thought about it just now.

If I could only say one thing to them, just one thing

it’d be something to this effect.

I’d look each of them dead in the eye, and say-

"No matter what anyone says to you, any of you, no matter how much they may judge and pick at every single move and decision you make,

what you eat what you wear how you act how you so much as breathe,

remember this.

Remember that every single imperfection you have, every little quirk, scar, or blemish,

 is what makes you perfect, and don’t you dare let anyone, ever, convince you any fucking differently.”

smile, thank them for signing whatever, give Shindong my own seperate letter, and then sashay away.






Can someone make me a version of that “gettin’ real tired of your shit Master Wayne” meme thingy only it’s “E.L.F.” in the middle of the arms in like saphire blue bubble letters with a blue glow stick in each hand and instead saying “Gettin’ real tired of your shit SM”

I feel like it’ll come in handy, guys.

Ok so I’ve taken an idea I had into serious consideration.

I’m thinking about starting a Shindong-dedicated blog.

It’s frustrating that there are none for me to follow- so I thought

'fuck it. why not make my own?'

But here’s my main question- would any of you be interested in following?

Any suggestions from those of you that run a blog of this nature?


Ideas for blog names?

It’d be really, really appreciated. (/;A;)/

That, and I’m a bit on the fence about it- school starts soon and I’m not going to have nearly as much time on my hands as I do now.

That and I want to dedicate most of my free time to this blog- my blog.

So I’d only be updated it like 3-4 days out of the week, or a couple hours each day.

But seriously what do you guys think? I NEED FEEDBACK.

The G.D.A voting ends on the 26th.

We need to stay ahead until then, arraso? I shouldn’t even have to tell you why this is extremely important.

For those who don’t know how to vote-


The link takes you to a page that give you complete english instructions on how to sign up and vote.

This is the real situation. we’re at about 45%, and SNSD is at about 42%, followed closely by the others. Those are not good odds by any means.

Please, it’s free, and it take about 5 minutes to complete, and you only have to vote once a day.

Do not have the mindset that someone else is doing it and therefore you don’t have to. Don’t think that some other ELF will be able to do it for you and we’ll still win. Because this is the real situation. If we don’t vote, we’ll lose. That’s what happend last year.

This is real. This is happening. I’m not saying if you don’t vote then you’re not a real ELF or any of that nonsense. I’m saying that if these boys, if this band, was really as important to you as you say they are, than this shouldn’t be such a difficult thing to do for them.

 And losing and trying again next time isn’t an option anymore.

wooluckyhyuk-deactivated2012021 asked: Super. Junior =w=

Why you gotta be like that, bro? e_e

Well, it’s obvious who my number one is, I ‘spose I’ll go from there >w<

  2. Teukie
  3. Henners
  4. MiMi
  5. Yeye
  6. Chullie
  7. Kyu
  8. Wookie
  9. Minnie
  10. Fishie
  11. Hyukie
  12. ShiBrows
  13. Raccoon
  14. Hannie
  15. BumBum

That, was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do >w>

It’s not very accurate at all, mainly because I don’t pair them off as one big list in my head, it’s more like categories and sub-categories in one gumbled up mess that would be much to hard to explain accurately right now >.<

There’s so much going on in this picture


We have Britney Spears over here playing the drums while having a conversation with Superman who’s playing the saxaphone. Gollum just sittin’ there with his trumpet, and that’s only in comparison to having Hulk Hogan on guitar with Chucky and Charlie Chaplin right behind him, and Marilyn Monroe rockin it out with Steve Cho to the left.

And these are the boys I’m devoted to. (Yes, even the one in a dress.)



I'm the love Spider.: ATTENTION ELF!


Bad news! We have to win 13 times on Inkigayo (maybe all of the music shows) in order to win GDA!

You get it? 2 chances left, we have only 2 weeks left and we must win. Then if you can buy the album, BUY IT NOW. AND PLEASE, BUY JUST FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE COUNTED ON HANTEO! DON’T BUY FROM YESASIA!…

(via sehun-oppa)